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Deleting Your Account

Your account and privacy

We are sorry to see that you are deleting your account. Please share any reason, if you feel we missed the mark on something. You can use "Galarm > Settings > Feedback" or email us at

If you are deleting your account because you have a new phone, and want to setup your account there, please follow the steps to transfer to a new phone using the workflow described on our FAQ site

As you would have realized when installing Galarm, we did not require you set up any username or password. The only identifiable piece of information you may have provided is your name, your phone number, and a profile photo. Your phone number is used to help you restore alarms on new phones and enable collaboration of alarms with others. Just like you, we value privacy, and our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service transparently describe what we do with the information you provide.

Deleting your account

It is even simpler than installing the app.

Please open the Galarm app and go to the Settings tab, and click "About & Help > Delete My Account".


NOTE: If you had registered your phone number, we will prompt you for that number as a confirmation step to avoid accidental deletion.

As the screenshot shows, the "Delete My Account" operation is irreversible as we delete everything related to your installed app. The description on the screen states it clearly that all your stored alarms, including groups or participant alarms will be deleted. 


Sharing feedback on this workflow

We appreciate you trying Galarm., and while you are option to leave, please help us improve by sharing any improvements that can minimize users visiting this page. You can reach out to us using:

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