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Galarm Privacy Policy

Version 2024.02.12


Thank you for your interest in reading Galarm’s Privacy Policy.


Respect for your privacy constantly ticks in our clocks. Just like you, we value privacy, so we want to be completely transparent about the data we receive and/or retain and how we use it, to allow you to manage your privacy. We tried to find the right balance between privacy and functionality, but if you are not comfortable with any part of the policy, please simply stop using Galarm and send us an email about your concerns at

This following policy applies to all Galarm features, which we will collectively refer to as our “application.”

What information do we store and how do we use it?

Account / Profile Information


When you install the application, we receive and retain your profile information, which includes:

  1. Your name -- you do not need to give your real name. This is used to address you in communications from the Galarm app. 

  2. Your phone number (optional) -- we attach all your alarms and app settings with your registered phone number. The registration process sends an OTP (one-time passcode) to your registering phone number for verification. Later, if you need to reinstall, you can reregister using the same phone number and we will restore your alarms and settings after another verification process.  

  3. Your avatar picture (optional) -- It is used to show your avatar to your Galarm contacts.

  4. Your address book/contacts (optional) -- This works in conjunction with your registered phone number. Galarm will upload your address book to its servers to match who else in your address book has the Galarm app installed and show them as available participants in your alarms.

  5. Profile deleted when account is closed -- Once you delete your account, all personal information is deleted. More details can be found here.

When you register your phone number, the application shares with that information with a third party only for verification purposes. We use reputable providers such as CheckMobi and 2FACTOR to verify that you are rightful owner of the phone number you are registering with, so that we can continue to honor your privacy and security.

Once you start using the application, we store the alarms you create so that we can notify you and your participants when the alarms go off. We also store each group you create and the group profile picture, if you choose to upload one. If you choose to register using your phone number, your profile information is shared with other Galarm users who have you in their address book and/or contact list. Groups you create are also shared with all the group members. Please note that Galarm does not sell your profile information.

When you create an alarm that includes someone as a participant, we will relay the alarm and related notifications to them. We never share your alarms with anyone other than who you have authorized as part of your alarm.

When you receive an alarm to participate in from a number not in your Galarm contacts (i.e., registered phone's address book), you have the option to block them or save their contact information in your address book. Galarm will provide you the name registered with that phone number as an option to save. You can block any number, any time to restrict yourself from receiving any alarm requests from that blocked number. You may also unblock that contact at any time.

When you uninstall Galarm, we continue to retain all your alarms so that when you install the app again (e.g., on another device), you will be able to see all your active alarms. You can also completely delete your account (more details here). This will delete all alarms you ever created, including related chat messages, and remove you from all groups that you are part of, and completely delete your profile data. Other Galarm users who have you as participants in alarms they have set with you will receive notifications indicating that you are not longer using Galarm. Once the account is deleted, no one has access to your account, and all your information is completed deleted.

Technical Information


Galarm wants to provide you with the best alarm-clock management user experience. For example, if you choose to register using your phone number, we are able to restore your alarms and settings seamlessly even in the event of transitioning to a new mobile device.

We are constantly making our application simpler, easier, and more convenient to use. However, if you do encounter any issues, our goal is to quickly resolve them. To achieve these goals, we use and sometimes retain certain technical information related to your interactions with the application.


Please see the list below for an explanation of what we do with the technical information:

  • App Usage - We track certain app usage statistics across all users in order to identify the popular features and to improve our app. No personally identifiable information such as alarm names, notes, and participants are tracked.

  • Characteristics of Your Mobile Device - We retain information about your mobile device’s make and model to help us dedicate resources for enhancing our support on those platforms.

  • GPS Location Information - We do not presently receive, use, or retain your GPS location information. Galarm simply uses your phone’s local timezone as an indicator of how to adjust the time of any configured alarms to match the timezone in which the phone currently is.

  • IP Address - We send your device's public IP and its unique ID with all requests, e.g., while requesting and verifying the code during registration process. This information is not linked to your account and is only used to determine any potential malicious activity.

Support Information

When you contact Galarm, we may receive, use, and retain information about you to troubleshoot issues with our application or your account. We may also use your contact information to notify you of upcoming changes or improvements in our software.

Mobile Platform Permissions

The Android and iOS mobile platforms identify certain types of data (e.g., call logs, contacts, SMS messages) that mobile applications cannot access without your permission. These platforms will alert you the first time the Galarm application wants permission to access certain types of data, and you may choose to consent to that request.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Galarm may change this Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice to you, but we will post all changes on this page. If you continue to use the Galarm application after the changes take effect, you agree to the terms of the revised policy.

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