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Premium Subscription

Galarm's free version is also ad-free and includes most essential features. In case you are wondering why do we charge for some features, please click here


To try the nominally-priced*  premium features listed below, please go your app, and select "Settings > Upgrade to unlock all features..." and start a 14-day free trial. 

* The subscription cost varies from country-to-country, but they are generally around the prices in the United States at $0.99/month or $9.99/year.

Unlimited Group Alarms, Buddy Alarms, Instant Alarms

Create more group, buddy, and instant alarms.

Advanced Repetition Options

Create alarms with advanced repetitions such as every 30 mins, every 2 hours 45 mins, every other day, biweekly.

More Ringtones

Choose from a wide variety of premium ringtones for your alarms. We are continually adding more ringtones to the premium offering.

Galarm Web

Use Galarm on a web browser to create, edit, and delete alarms. Click here to learn more.

Pre-Reminder for Alarms

Set pre-reminders to get alerted of upcoming alarms. You can configure the relative duration to get alerted prior to the actual alarm time like 30 minutes before, 1 day before, etc.


Add Photo To Alarm Notes

Easily recognize your reminders with a photo that appears when your alarm sounds – ideal for medication alerts, task instructions, or remembering exact items needed to be purchased.

Create Multiple Task Lists

Create task lists to keep related tasks together.

Unlimited Categories

Create your own categories for alarms. Categories allow you to easily organize your alarms.

Complete Alarm History

View all the past responses for each repeating alarm. This allows you to easily find out when you missed your gym class, your mother missed her medication, etc.

Shareable Links

You can share alarms with others using a link. Clickhere to learn more.

Announce Alarm Title (Android-only)

Announce alarm title when the alarm rings.

Change Phone Number

All your alarms, contacts, groups, and other settings will be migrated to the new phone number.

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