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Alarm Types


Personal Alarm

Use a personal alarm for tasks for yourself such as waking up or taking medication. You can optionally add participants who are alerted if you miss an alarm so that they can remind you. The participants are also notified when you mark the alarm done.


Group Alarm

Use a group alarm for group activities such as outings, parties, or any other event. The alarm goes off at the same time for all the participants and they can confirm their participation.


Buddy Alarm

Create alarms for someone else (“buddy”) to remind them of things they need to do. You are notified to remind the buddy in case they miss the alarm. You will also be notified once the buddy marks the alarm done.


Instant Alarm

Instantly alert a group of people with a click of a button. Use this alarm to alert them of an emergency drill, the start of a game, an urgent task/meeting, and other such events that require immediate action.

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