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Share Alarm Links

What is an Alarm Link?

An "alarm link" is an easy way for you to share an alarm's configuration with other people. You can publish a link to one of your created alarms, and anyone tapping on that link will get a copy of your alarm with its title, description, and repetition settings. For example, a teacher may share a link to remind students to join a class on time.

How do I create an alarm link?

Go to any alarm's detail screen in Galarm, and on the top-right use the three-dot menu "⋮ > Share  Alarm" to launch the simple workflow.Th

How do I share an alarm link?

Just like you can share a website or a URL with someone, you can share the alarm links via email, any instant messaging application, text messages, or social media.


Is there an example of an alarm link?

Here's a link that one of Galarm creators shared with public. It's about getting reminded every morning at 9:00 AM in your local time to play some brain games like Wordle, Quordle, and Nerdle. Click on this link from your mobile to experience the use case:

How is timezone handled across alarm creator and recipient?

At the time of creating the "share alarm link", the creator can specify whether the time that will be set for the person who clicks on the link, will be creator's or receiver's timezone. For example, if you set an alarm for 11:00 AM US-Eastern to solve an online puzzle, you can configure the link to always ring at 11:00 AM in whichever timezone the person who taps on the link is, or at a time relative to 11:00 AM US-Eastern (i.e., 8:00 AM US-Pacific if someone taps on the link from California).

Do the "alarm link" recipients need to be in alarm creator's Galarm Contacts or Groups?

No. With "alarm links", the people who follow your alarm need not be in your Galarm contacts list. The basic premise behind this feature is to allow easy sharing of alarms with literally anyone.


This feature should not be confused with "participant-enabled alarms" like Groups alarms or Buddy alarms, where normally to include other people in your alarms, Galarm allows you to pick individual contacts or defined groups within your app.

Do the "alarm link" recipients need to be existing Galarm users?

No. That's not a requirement. If the person who clicks on an alarm link happens to have Galarm installed, it will create an alarm in their app; otherwise, it will prompt them to install Galarm first, and then set the alarm on their device.

What happens when someone clicks on a link on a laptop or desktop?

Recipients need to click on the alarm link from a mobile device to set their reminders. If the user clicks on the link from a laptop or desktop, it will opens the Galarm website.

What happens if I change the alarm configuration after other people are already following it?

All your alarm followers will be notified with a choice to adopt to your changes or use the previous details. If they decline, they will not be notified of any further changes.

Is this a standard or a premium feature?

All users get five (5) free share alarms. After that you can signup for premium to have unlimited share alarms. Galarm is an ad-free app. We put a lot of R&D to keep you more productive using innovative features like this. We hope you support us by signing up for premium subscription.

How do I share feedback on this feature?

We appreciate your encouragement. You can reach out to us using:

If you are enjoying this feature, please do write 5-star review using "Galarm > Settings (tab) > Rate This App" and share the app with your friends, family, and colleagues using "Galarm > Settings (tab) > Share This App". Thanks!

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