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Galarm for ADHD

How can Galarm help ADHD patients?

ADHD is often first identified in school-aged children as it leads to disruption in the classroom or problems with schoolwork. No treatment or management often impacts their life ahead. An estimated 8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults have ADHD (Danielson, 2018; Simon, et al., 2009).


The American Psychiatric Association (APA) hosts an informative webpage on ADHD for more details on the different types of ADHD and recommendations on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

We, at Galarm, feel that staying on top of one's todos and managing time better leads to less stress about pending things, more confidence in handling tasks, and overall life enjoyment. Our user feedback as well as published research also shows that there are effective time-management strategies that can help ADHD patients to be more productive. Here are some of the strategies that can be easily adapted using Galarm capabilities to help both children and adults.

  • Create alarms and reminders for any date/time in the future, so that you do not miss any task -- personal, school, or work.

  • Organize your tasks into alarm categories, break down larger tasks into many sub-tasks, and set reminders for each. Often it is much easier to tackle all tasks belonging to a related category together.

  • If any of your tasks need coordination or help/involvement from others, use the collaborative features of Galarm (personal alarms with backups, group alarms, or buddy alarms) to make it easier for managing and completing those tasks.

  • Avoid losing track of routine or daily tasks by creating repeating alarms using intelligent patterns like taking regular trash out every Monday, recyclable trash out every Thursday, paying bills on the last day of every month, outing with friends on the first Saturday of every month, etc. Galarm allows to document notes with each alarm and also keep a history of how to handle past occurrences of alarms.

  • Use Galarm Web to avoid mobile distractions, e.g., if you are working on the laptop for an assignment, do not get distracted by your phone. If you have to set an alarm or a reminder for something related to what you are doing, just use the laptop to set it. It's hard to maintain focus and very easy to get distracted if you constantly keep looking at your phone notifications. Galarm Web offers a web interface that allows you to set mobile reminders so that you can maintain focus.

  • Use digital organization and productivity apps like Bublup to simplify life, e.g., store useful information that you need handy, share content with others, and maintain a private cloud of your documents, link, photos, and videos as needed. Click here to see the content shared by people on one user's shared folder.


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