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Alarm Types


Personal Alarm

Use a personal alarm for tasks for yourself such as waking up or taking medication. You can optionally add participants who are alerted if you miss an alarm so that they can remind you. The participants are also notified when you mark the alarm done.


Group Alarm

Use a group alarm for group activities such as outings, parties, or any other event. The alarm goes off at the same time for all the participants and they can confirm their participation.

Buddy Alarm

Create alarms for someone else (“buddy”) to remind them of things they need to do. You are notified to remind the buddy in case they miss the alarm. You will also be notified once the buddy marks the alarm done.


Instant Alarm

Instantly alert a group of people with a click of a button. Use this alarm to alert them of an emergency drill, the start of a game, an urgent task/meeting, and other such events that require immediate action.

Alarm Features

Alarms for any date and time

Users can create alarms for any date and time in the future allowing them to set all their future reminders right away.


Quick Reminder

Users can quickly create reminders that ring after a given duration. For example, using this feature, they can add a reminder to remind them after 1 hour when they have started a new load in the washing machine.


Extensive repetition options

Alarms support all sorts of repetition options such as daily, weekly on some days, monthly, yearly, some advanced options such as hourly, last day of month, every n days, every n weeks, every n months, certain day of month such as 4th Thursday of the month etc. This allows you to smartly configure alarms for various tasks such as drinking water every hour, paying rent on the last of the month, refilling medicines every 2 weeks etc.


Galarm Web

This is a browser interface to your Galarm app. It allows you to interact with your alarms configured in the connected Galarm mobile app through a web browser from your laptop or desktop. In addition to configuring new alarms and manage existing alarms, you get to see a day/week/month listing as a Calendar view.

Ringtone settings per alarm

Each alarm can have its own ringtone settings. On Android, users can specify the alarm ringtone, ringtone duration, volume of ringtone, vibration etc. for each alarm. On iOS, users can only specify the alarm ringtone for each alarm. Users can specify these settings while creating/editing an alarm.  Users can also specify default values for these settings on the “Settings” tab.


Phone music as ringtone (Android only)

Users can pick any music on their phone as a ringtone for their alarm.


Powerful snooze options

Users can configure alarms to snooze automatically while creating the alarm. They can specify whether an alarm should snooze automatically, how long should the alarm snooze and how many times should it snooze. On Android, users can do this at the global level under “Sound and Vibration > Snooze Alarms Automatically” and per alarm while creating/editing the alarm. On iOS, it is only provided at the global level.

Alarm Category

Users can organize their alarms in categories allowing them to easily browse their alarms. Each category also provides options such enabling/disabling/deleting all alarms in a category allowing you to easily manage your alarms. For example, by using this feature, you can quickly disable all work alarms when you are on a vacation and enable them once you are back in the office.


Alarm History

Users can view their past responses to a repeating alarm allowing them to check their performance on each alarm. For example, using this feature, they can find out how many gym classes they have missed in a given month.


Alarm Chat

Users can chat within the alarm participants allowing them to share messages in the context of the alarm. This allows users to quickly communicate any messages pertaining to the activity for which the alarm is set and also refer back to these messages.


Add Photo To Alarm Notes

Easily recognize your reminders with a photo that appears when your alarm sounds – ideal for medication alerts, task instructions, or remembering exact items needed to be purchased.


Create Multiple Task Lists

Create task lists to keep related tasks together.


Shareable alarm links

Users can share their alarms with anyone using alarm links. They can share these links on Whatsapp or other instant messaging applications, email or simple text messages.


Export alarms to calendar

Users can export specific alarms to their calendar to block their time and let others know of their availability.



Apps support instant notifications letting you know when somebody adds an alarm for them or sends them a chat message. There is also a “Notification Center” where users can find all the events of interest at once centralized place.


Announce alarm title (Android only)

Users can configure an alarm such that the alarm title is announced when the alarm rings.

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