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Flu Shield

(work in progress)


Flu Shield is a free app (ad-free, too!) from the makers of Galarm. 

It will remind you of healthy habits like hand wash to prevent flu and similar diseases.


Flu Shield promotes the use of simple but effective techniques to keep you and your family healthy. Here's why you will find Flu Shield useful:


  • Periodic reminders: The app will remind you to periodically wash and sanitize hands.

  • More healthy habits: Remind yourself to regularly drink water, take vitamin, take breaks during work, exercise, and to schedule annual flu shots. This will boost your immunity and act as your shield against flu. 

  • Configurable repetition: You can change the periodicity of the reminder. For instance, you are reminded to sanitize hands every hour by default, but you may change it to every N minutes or every N hours.

  • Configurable start and end-time: The reminders start time and end time is configurable so you are not disturbed at night. 

  • Track your progress: View how many times you missed a particular healthy habit. This helps you improve your conformance to your habits.

  • Resources: View additional resources that can help you learn the proper techniques to wash hands and sanitize hands.

  • Free app with no ads: The app is completely free and there are no ads.

  • Private and confidential: Flu Shield is completely private with no user information required to use the app. Click here for Flu Shield's privacy policy.


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