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The Secret to Smarter Communication for Educators

Galarm Team: June 23,2020: 2 min read

In this hyperconnected world, where we are never more than a ping, tweet or ring away, educators suffer with no-shows at online classes. And, If not a no-show, students are always armed with an excuse for not showing up on time. They often get confused with timings of different classes, lose links to join the class, sleep through and sometimes simply forget.

Turns out that human brains aren’t great at remembering things. But, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s organising online class, communicating date of online test in advance, conducting online group discussions or presentations, Galarm is there to communicate and coordinate it all.

Galarm allows you to create alarms for your classes and then share those alarms with your students using email, WhatsApp or any other messaging app. Students can tap on the link and a similar alarm will be created on their phones making it super-easy for everyone in the class to have an alarm that reminds them to join the class at the right time.

If you run a small coaching centre or deliver online courses/workshops on your Facebook or Instagram page, then here is a close-up of the way Galarm lightens the load for you :

1. Your students can't forget anything

2. Track students to keep them on schedule

Galarm makes it easier to ensure that each of your students is following the online class schedule. Imagine that. Less stress and chaos, no missed classes.

3. Every class at your fingertips

Having a plan in advance is important but sometimes making last minute changes to the schedule becomes unavoidable. Imagine, you plan a fun quiz for your students and want them to join the session 10 minutes early. As long as you have your phone and Galarm in it, the schedule for every class is at your fingertips.

Galarm is any educator’s best friend

If you struggle with no-shows at your online classes or bombarded with excuses for being late, it’s time to teach smarter with Galarm. It clears your mind of all the stuff you’re supposed to remind your students so you have time to focus on important things. 


Teach Smarter with Galarm.


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