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Efficient Scheduling, Effective Collaboration

Effortlessly streamline team coordination, schedule events, and swiftly respond to unexpected incidents with Galarm. Galarm Pro empowers you to manage organization-wide alerts seamlessly while enjoying the convenience of a centralized billing and management platform.

Galarm has proven to be a powerful alerting platform for hundreds of thousands of users.







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Adopt Galarm in Your Organization

Improve team productivity and streamline team coordination.

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  • Central billing to manage all subscriptions from a user-friendly portal.

  • Members get access to all Galarm premium features.

APIs for Generating Alerts for Incidents

​Allowing organizations to send incidents from monitored service directly to Galarm.

(Enterprise plan only)

  • Seamless API integration with monitoring platforms including AWS, Datadog, Google Cloud, Monit, Nagios, and Signoz.

  • Streamlined setup of on-call schedules and escalation policies for efficient incident response.



per user/month

Empower all team members with Galarm Premium features. Manage subscription via Central Billing.

  • Schedule group alarms for team meetings.

  • Send instant alerts for immediate attention.

  • Intelligent repetitions and snooze options.

  • Manage alarms from a Web browser.

  • Access to all other premium features as well.



per user/month



Everything in the Business plan and API support to generate alerts programmatically.

  • API support to Integrate with monitoring platforms like AWS SNS, Datadog, Google Cloud, Monit, Nagios, and Signoz.

  • Streamlined setup of on-call schedules.

  • Escalation policies for efficient incident response.

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