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Why some features
are marked Premium?

As a valued user of Galarm, we appreciate your curiosity about our premium feature set. Here's some background on why certain features are marked as Premium.

A Generous Free Version for All

We're proud to offer a comprehensive free version of Galarm. Essential features are available to all users, ensuring you can enjoy the core functionality of our alarms and reminders without any cost.

Ad-Free, Uninterrupted Experience

Unlike many apps, Galarm is completely ad-free. This decision is rooted in enhancing your experience with the app, providing a seamless, focused, and uninterrupted interaction.

Continuous Evolution on Top-Tier Platforms

To ensure Galarm remains secure and reliable, we host it on industry-leading platforms, which incurs significant costs. Our commitment to constant evolution and top-notch service necessitates these expenses.

Sustainability through Nominal Fees

The fees for advanced features are vital for our sustainability. They support ongoing development, maintenance, and the launch of innovative features, ensuring Galarm continues to grow and serve you better.

Recognized Value and Impact

The positive feedback from our users and the press attests to Galarm's value. This recognition goes beyond functionality, highlighting our role in transforming time and commitment management.

Affordable, Exceptional Value for Everyone

We understand the importance of affordability, which is why our premium features are priced nominally. For just $0.99 per month, you can unlock all of Galarm's advanced functionalities. We also offer an annual plan for only $9.99, which effectively gives you two months free compared to the monthly subscription. This pricing is designed to be accessible while ensuring we can continue to offer a high-quality, ad-free experience and invest in ongoing app development.

Embracing our premium plan is not just about getting more features; it's an investment in enhancing your time management and productivity, all at an incredibly modest cost.


Your understanding and support enable us to maintain and improve Galarm, ensuring it continues to be a reliable and innovative tool in your daily life.

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