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Never miss anything.


Galarm is a social alarm and reminders app that helps you and your friends-n-family stay organized and productive.

Welcome to the growing Galarm community...







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One app for all your to-dos

Create alarms for any date and time.

Wide variety of repetition options.

Configure alarms using a web browser.

Powerful snooze options.

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Group Alarms

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Coordinate group activities by creating group alarms with all the participants.

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Alarm rings on everyone's phone at the same time.

Chat with alarm participants.

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Buddy Alarms

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Set alarms for friends and family to remind them of things they need to do.

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Get notified if they miss the reminder.

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Track progress via alarm chat and alarm history.


Instant Alarms

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Instantly alert many people at the click of a button.

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Alarm rings on everyone’s phone instantly.

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Share urgent alerts that require immediate attention.



Accomplish More

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Organize alarms by categories.

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Day/week/month "calendar" view of alarms.

Export alarms to calendars.

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View history of repeating alarms.

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Use Galarm in your Organization

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Centralized billing through a user-friendly portal for easy subscription management.

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Seamless API integration with monitoring platforms including AWS, Datadog, Google Cloud, Monit, Nagios, and Signoz.

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Streamlined setup of on-call schedules and escalation policies for efficient incident response.

Success Stories

This app is awesome. Extremely customizable with detailed scheduling options. I can now use this app without filling up my calendar with stuff I don't need there. Wonderful app with detailed settings than stock alarm app.

This app can help students stay on top of their work and deadlines. "Galarm, for iOS and Android, is a social alarm that makes it easier for parents to remind their kids when something needs to get done."

I wish I’d found this app long ago! It’s literally changed my life! I have a memory problem and need reminders with reminders for everything. It reminds me and snoozes until I mark it done. I can sync it with my Google calendar. The customer service is also amazing and the response so fast.

If you’re planning activities for you and others, Galarm ensures you’re all on the same page. Galarm can be used for personal or work reminders to remind colleagues of work timelines. If you don’t want to be bothered by others all the time, you can block a user and you won’t receive any alarms from them.

Do you have any questions about Galarm?

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