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Status Page

This page highlights current app status. If you are experiencing issues using Galarm, please contact us using "Settings > Feedback" from your app or email us at with details.

Sep 12, 2021
Problems communicating with Galarm servers

Resolved on Sep 12, 2021

For a few hours spread across Sep 12-13, you may not have been able to contact Galarm servers while registering or skipping registration, and some other workflows while using Galarm. There was a certificate renewal issue between Apple Push Notifications and Google Firebase, that we resolved once we identified the issue.


We apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused. Please reach out to using "Settings > Feedback" or "⋮ > Report a Problem" from any alarm. Thanks.

Jan 22, 2021
Problems sending Feedback Emails from Galarm

Resolved on Jan 26, 2021

There was a problem sending feedback or problem report emails from the Galarm app such that if you had used "Settings > Feedback" or "⋮ > Report a Problem" from any alarm, we would not have received your request.

We apologize for this glitch. It has been resolved now, so please resend your request. Thanks.

Past Incidents

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