Status Page

This page highlights current app status. If you are experiencing issues using Galarm, please contact us using "Settings > Feedback" from your app or email us at with details.


No ongoing incidents. All features are working normally.

Past Incidents

Apr 23, 2021

Problems delivering "Remote Notifications"

Resolved on Apr 25, 2021

There was an intermittent problem resulting in extremely delayed delivery of remote notifications from the app. While the normal functionality of the app was fine, e.g., all alarms rang timely, the remote notifications features like indicating participant status, alerting of comments by others were failing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Jan 22, 2021

Problems sending Feedback from the App

Resolved on Jan 26, 2021

There was a problem sending feedback or problem report emails from the Galarm app such that if you had used "Settings > Feedback" or "⋮ > Report a Problem" from any alarm, we would not have received your request.

We apologize for this glitch. It has been resolved now, so please resend your request. Thanks.